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"Once you lose someone it is never exactly the same person who comes back."

Interesting !

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These screams escaping my mouth are setting ablaze the violent flames in my lungs. The damage is not physical, but none the less destroying me inside. This type of pain is not something you feel, but something that condemns not only your soul but also your mind.




everyone you’ve ever loved has said some problematic shit: a novel 

you have also said some problematic shit: the sequel

having said problematic shit does not necessarily make you or anyone else a bad person, just be aware of it, don’t say it again, and don’t make fucking excuses for people who continue to say problematic shit: the thrilling conclusion


the word ‘bisexuality’ is a taboo

it isn’t said on tv. orange is the new black, for example, features a bisexual protagonist who points out the biphobia at one point in assuming she can’t be attracted to multiple genders, but no one Ever says the word and she is ignored and…




dude i wonder what your penis feels like inside of me.. no homo though just wondering 

this is so fuckin homo

nah man i said no homo… football u know„ beer„ BOOBS… fuck me with your dick.. but remember NO homo though keep that in mind